Who we are?

Asicom is a company that was formed 20 years ago with a specific objective, "to offer personalized attention to every technology based service to our customers." We've learned and adapted to different technology scenarios that actually happen. Asicom is always in continuous training and in search of new tools to quickly respond to the challenges presented on a daily basis. We have a clear work philosophy, " do not lose our humanistic approach to service, meaning that every customer has specific needs that should be attended to in a personalized manner."
We actually have 2 service centers specialized in repairs and computing equipment support. We also offer business and remote support letting us demonstrate how we can improve, optimize and repair your business' and home's technological problems.
We are experts at taking care of our most valuable tool; allow us to make a difference through our service.
We are an authorized Apple distributor. We sell their products in every sector.
We are specialists in offering solutions for homes, small and medium-sized businesses and even government. Apple is a symbol of quality and unique performance for all its users.
We offer support and sell all Microsoft based solutions.
We dominate all the brand's platforms such as productivity suites (Office) and supporting the active based directory servers and services for SharePoint.

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